Sarah's Shower Look Book

High Tea with Bride to be

I know Sarah was thinking a tea-themed shower. I think for the entrance into the shower we could have something like the below. Vintage frames in gold/silver are easy to find and all we would need to do is put in thin wood behind and use chalk paint. We could customize the saying and design to whatever she would like.

Table Decor


I think one long table would be very pretty if there aren't too many people, but several smaller tables is also a great option! Do you know about how many people would attend? If we are doing smaller tables, we would want to make a seating chart. Also, below are some designs for the name, place settings. This would be a pretty way to incorporate lace and also have have place setting with the guest name.

Center Pieces

We have several vintage tea pots that can be the main focal point and hold the flowers of her choice. We have several you can use for the day, or we can always purchase some if that is the route she wants to go. We have a wholesale license so flowers can be purchased at that rate instead of retail. Here are some flowers that are in season: Roses are also always a great option and always in stock.

  • Individual tea cups can be used for either tea or a fun desert (we have tea cups you can use, or we can purchase some in the colors if she wants to let them take home - whatever works)
  • Tiered cake platters can be used to hold a variety of tea sandwiches if you are not catering (I think it would be pretty simple to make the sandwiches ourselves)
  • For other glassware, plastic champagne ware can be used for any yellow and pink bubbly :)
  • I think to round out the design, it would work to have some votives for candles and also some pearl and lace tied in if she likes that look

Tea Bar

Another cute option might be to have a table of tea. Like a tea bar of sorts where we would include for the different beverages and deserts. We had cookies that were tea cups and some cupcake roses for desert, but petit fours and macaroons would look pretty also. For the beverages, I have a really neat place by me that sells thousands of teas. We could select a few and offer them as gifts to take home and actual make some tea for them to drink and sample. We can also have champagne, pink/yellow lemonade, and water if that works. The image below is a bubbly bar, but it is the same type of concept.


It would be pretty easy to make the tea sandwiches if that is an option Sarah is thinking about. We could even cut the bread out in the shape of a heart if it is not too cheeky :). You could do mini BLT's, turkey, ham, chicken salad, and a veggie/cheese/cracker platter for those who do not eat meat. Also, the deserts would be easy to make or buy depending on what she is thinking of doing.

Color Palette

I sent Sarah a few options for colors. I know her wedding is navy. Does she want that for the tea party? A navy, gold, and off white could be very elegant, or there are the standard vintage colors below. Any thoughts? I think the first option might be very 'summery,' but the second option is very pretty for a late summer shower.


Maggie, do you want to do the games that are similar to what you did at your wedding? I know the trivia game about the bride and groom is always great. We could also do a couples quiz or a mini newlywed game to really put them on the spot :) :) :)


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