Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks

Dunkin Donuts has a variety of products such as donuts, coffee, munchkins, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, hot chocolate and tea. Starbucks sells similar products such as scones, coffee, tea, sandwiches, hot chocolate and other baked goods.

Dunkin Donuts has a wider array of products as well as specializing in not just coffee, but donuts and other baked goods as well. Starbucks is more limited, as it is associated with coffee almost exclusively.

At Dunkin Donuts a large coffee is $2.09 and one donut is $0.99. At Starbucks a venti coffee is $2.45 and a blueberry scone is $2.45.

As you can tell the prices at Starbucks are more expensive which has pushed some customers toward Dunkin Donuts for the lower prices.

Dunkin Donuts is an American company while Starbucks is an international company.

Both companies use seasonal products for promotion. Dunkin Donuts has more commercials and a recently released SNL skit with Casey Affleck. Starbucks used their cups as a promotional tool by changing the cup to match the season.

Dunkin Donuts Strengths: Its a well known company with lower prices than other competitors. Drive throughs allow convience for customers. There are a variety of products and many people are loyal to the brand of coffee. The association with other sports teams has also helped with promotion. Opportunities are to increase presence in other countries and to introduce low calorie snacks.

Starbucks Strengths: It is also a well known company and has become a trend recently especially with young women. The writing of the name on the cup is associated with Starbucks most often, and like Dunkin Donuts, many people are loyal to the brand of coffee. Opportunities include expansion in other countries and diversification of product mix.

Weaknesses of Dunkin Donuts: There have been lawsuits in recent years, and limited market share growth. Threats are the little room for expansion in the US and the healthy eating trend.

Weaknesses of Starbucks: There were complaints of mean employees. There was also the problem with the red cup and people claiming it was insensitive. There are also high prices. Threats are competition with lower prices and imitation.

Threats for Dunkin Donuts: There is little room


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