Behind THE 52ND 2010-2014

ONCE UPON A TIME, in 1998, a 16 year old American girl moved to Mérida, Mexico.

It was August and very hot but the desert girl had never felt a humidity like this before. After leaving the airport, her family with whom she was staying, did not take her to the house. Instead they brought her to Progresso, a small beach town approximately 20 minutes away from Mérida.

Night was approaching and the girl was very tired. She was lying in her hammock when her cousin asked her to come outside. Not knowing what she needed her for, the girl got up and walked out into the backyard right on the sand. She could hear the waves crashing but what she saw she could never have prepared for.

The water looked bewitched.
And the twinkling waves were glowing a fluorescent blue as far as she could see.

She followed her cousin to the water's edge and stopped. Her cousin bent down and briskly touched the water with her fingertips. She lifted them out and grains of blue stuck to the tips of her fingers. "Hold your arm out," she said. The girl listened, watching her cousin press her fingers against her skin. They moved along the girl's arm leaving glowing lines wherever she touched. It stayed for a moment and then disappeared. The girl looked back up.

"This place is magical," she thought.

The girl spent 5 months on the Yucatán peninsula,

exploring the native jungles with every free time she had.

Luckily, she came across this small breed of monkeys instead of the common jaguar.

Another beauty of the Yucatán peninsula she discovered were the cenotes, an underground river system built by the withering away of limestone from rain over thousands of years.

The waters were blue and crystal clear on the outside...

...and deep and maze-like underneath.

But the most impressive site to be discovered were the left-over ruins of the indogenous Mayans.

It was an old story less told to girls her age.

And every time she entered the ancient lands an unknown spirit fell upon her.

And she knew that her life had changed forever.

She kept all the memories close to her heart for 14 years unbeknownst that it would be the form of a book.

"What are you doing?" her husband asked one cold February day in Las Vegas.

The girl and husband had just returned from the winter mountains back to their home and kids. He didn't know that while they drove back the girl had just imagined what would be the two main characters of THE 52ND, Lucas and Zara.

"Writing a story," she replied.

And it would be that story--4 years and 5 drafts later--that she would share with the world.

THE 52ND released October 27, 2014 and is a new series in the YA paranormal genre.



"Your sparks of interest have urged me to further develop THE 52ND world as well as new ones not yet released."

"Your reviews have meant so much to me I can't thank you enough."

Cheers to you; cheers to me to chasing something new!
Created with images by Son of Groucho - "A Walk in the Jungle 1" • LinchpinSEO - "monkey jungle animal" • Son of Groucho - "Second Cenote 8" • Christine Rondeau - "Cenotes" • amanderson2 - "Cavern Entry Kukulkan Cenote Mexico" • tjschloss - "Yucatan jungle" • Arian Zwegers - "Palenque, North Group" • Justin Otto - "Temple of Kukulcan aka "El Castillo""

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