Travel Safely "See What we see"

Planning Journeys

No matter where you’re travelling, safety and security will be important and our courses are accessible to all types of individuals working or exploring a variety of environments

Are you looking for corporate safety travel or International security tips for your staff?

Protaris designs and delivers bespoke travel safety programmes to help businesses of all sizes improve their employees global travel safety and security .

Air Travel

Some of the biggest challenges facing employers on corporate travel safety solutions are:

Being able to provide a solution that helps maintain a safe working environment for the employee when travelling

Measuring the risk of each employee when travelling

Recording an employees level of risk and progress in relation to corporate travel safety solutions

Key points in international travel tips are taught along with all aspect of safety whilst travelling

Accommodation Guidance

Travel to and from transport hubs

Protecting People

Protecting families with our online programmes 'traveller"

In a fast-moving world, and the options of travel and accommodation worldwide, an essential part of personal protection is the ability to assess risks and threats to you as an individual, group or family.

To You

Protaris provide close tactical operators Access, Egress teams and Executive Protection Services to meet our clients' requirements, whether it is in a hostile environment, or a capital city.

Harnessing you instinct

Behaviour Profiling

Knowing what behavioural strengths a person requires is the key to successful people and performance management.

  • Enhancing business negotiation
  • Improve procurement interactions
  • Understand advanced body language reading
  • Accurate decision making saving time and efficiency
  • Personal mentoring - Team allignment
  • Executive Coaching

Lone Working

We know that in a world that is ever changing, travelling requires us to be a little more vigilant.

We know that getting out of our safe place into the wider world is often challenging.

We know that the world makes this unpredictable. Proactive skills and policy creation, your route to safety

Amazing journeys can be doable and possible, no matter whether you are passing through cities of glass and steel or making your way on your own, as a family or as a business traveller.

Safety experts teach you the skills to give you confidence with a comprehensive path of personal safety and travel courses.

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