Duloc's Motto

"Cleanliness and calmness make duloc the perfect place"

Our Society's Logo

The reasoning behind out logo is that we honor our king. By doing this our logo has his initial of his name. So our logo changes every time we get a new ruler.

Vision Statement

When everything is the same no one is jealous of each other. But everyone is jealous of the king...

Our Rules

  1. Don't make waves. Do not disrupt others, be calm cool and collected
  2. Stay in line, also connected to rule one stay calm cool and collected, don't go crazy out of the blue.
  3. Please keep off grass, our park and recreation crew work very hard to keep our land nice, so please keep off.
  4. Shine your shoes, make sure you are clean and smelling nice.
  5. Wipe your face. make sure you ask for forgiveness and no foul language.
  6. Duloc is a perfect place, try to keep it that way and do your part I'm helping it become more perfect.
  7. Honor the king. Lord farquad might be little but he is wise so we honor him.
  8. Keep your home and front pots tidy. we do this so when visitors come it looks nice and there is no bad places to look at.
  9. Accept summons. when summoned for activities, please accept or your citizenship will be taken away.
  10. Welcome outsiders the way the king does. If you don't know how to treat an outsider, just watch the king and do what he does.

If you wish to live in Duloc you must be very dedicated. You must travel to the middle of nowhere and find our happy little sanctuary from the outside world.

A day in the life at Duloc

  • 10am: Wake up/ Breakfast
  • 11am: Leave for school or jobs
  • 12am: Lunch
  • 1pm: Watch the kings daily message
  • 2pm: back to work
  • 3pm: come home
  • 4pm: playgroups for kids
  • 5pm: Kings assembly in the amphitheater (only on rare occasions)
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: family council
  • 8pm: Kids to bed
  • 9pm: Parent message from king
  • 10pm: Adults to bed


Our government type is monarchy because we want our ruler to be wise. If their parents are wise they can pass those ways on to their young children who will soon become the ruler.

Please sign up for duloc enrollment because here we have the 3 p's

  • Perfect
  • Party
  • Playful

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