I have honestly enjoyed the portfolio process and feel that I have learned much from it. Even though the process has been a pain in the rear end at times, I think that it will help me in the long run. I really liked how all the learning objectives were different throughout the process. I liked that they were all different because it made the project feel like a bunch of little projects, instead of one large boring one. The learning objective that was most helpful to me was learning objective number 3, the test revision with your professor. This really helped me because I learned a lot about my test taking mentality and developed a closer relationship with my professor. I also really liked the self designed exhibits. I really liked the self designed exhibits because they pushed me to do something that I normally wouldn't, and it pushed me to do mine on fly fishing. I really ended up liking fly fishing because of it. I even joined the fly fishing club. I also liked how the process helped change my study habits. It introduced me to new ways to study which will help me become much more successful. However, one thing that I did not like about the project was the use of adobe spark. I had a lot of technical problems with the software. For example I had a lot of trouble uploading pictures to the site, changing font sizes, and applying themes to the site. In some cases, I would spend more time trying to figure out to work the software, then working on my portfolio. Overall, it was an enjoyable process that I would do again.


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