Self LaurEn brown

Part One:

Family Member: Craig Brown (Father)

Guessed MBTI: ISTJ

Rationale: I predicted that my Dad had a personality type of INFJ (Introverted, iNtutitive, Feeling, Judging). I chose that he was introverted because in social situations he keeps to himself mostly, and he tends to keep his feelings inside. The reason for intuition is that he sometimes is not aware or realizes simple things about why someone feels a certain way, or is not even aware of what he does to cause a situation. I guessed that he was feeling more than thinking because he tends to just say whatever pops up in his head without thinking about it. The last part of the personality type was either judging or perceiving. I knew for a fact that he was judging because most places we go he somewhere a long the way says a comment that is judging someone or something.

Actual MBTI: INTJ (16% introvert, 31% iNtutitive, 19% thinking, 12% judging)

Reflection: I am not super surprised that I guessed feeling over thinking because I thought about him to be thinking, since he takes awhile to fully say what he wants. Now that the test shows that he is thinking, I can see that he wants to make sure he gets what he wants to say out, in they way he wants it. Also he likes to express his opinion about things. I was close to begin with. When you live with someone I think that makes it easier to predict their real personality, because they aren't hiding it. Comparing my Dad's personality type and mine (ISTJ), you can see that we are both introverts, so we work well together in that area. Next, I am more sensing and my dad is more iNtuition. In explanation sensing people focus on the present, and INtuition people focus on the future and the possibilities. This is the part in our personality test where we are different, making conversations about plans difficult. Then we both are thinking and judging. If my Dad and I are driving somewhere we use our judging personalities to stereotype people who are walking on the street (I know that is wrong/mean to do, we get bored.) From the MBTI test my Dad and I are the most similar compared to my Mom and I. Knowing both of our personality types, I have now learned that we are very similar. To better our relationship I need to be more understanding of him when he tells me ideas about future plans for our house. I know that his ideas will never get finished, so I always shoot down his ideas. Now I know that that is just how he thinks, so I need to support him more.

Family Member: Elise Brown (Mother)

Guessed MBTI: ESFJ

Rationale: I predicted that my Mom has a personality type of ESFJ (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). From doing research of what specifically ESFJ's do, I found out that that they enjoy to be in charge. That 100% correlates with my Mom. She is the one to organize and set what my family does, and she likes to tell people what to do. She controls the household. This personality type was said to be easily wounded, and they do not usually keeps their perceptions emotions contained. When I say maybe the smallest judge or comment to her she lets out emotionally how she feels by using nonverbal communication at first, and then later she explains how/why she got hurt. Leading to be 'hyper-vigilant. Another reason is that she is very protective of me. Meaning she has a "mothering drive," which ESFJ's have.

Actual MBTI: ESFJ (28% extrovert, 12% sensing, 31% feeling, 56% judging)

Reflection: I am not surprised by what the MBTI test said because I predicted the exact personality type the test said. Now that I have her personality type and mine lets see if we are compatible. My personality type is ISTJ (Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). Extroverts and introverts tend to not come together to work together, so that area is not super compatible. We both are sensing, so that is compatible. She is feeling and I am thinking. The two together could help one another see things differently from each others different perspectives of how we take things in. We both are judging. I feel that with two opinions judging something we would either agree or not agree on it, causing possible compatibility or not. In certain areas we can be compatible, but two people can never be 100% compatible. I can better my relationship with my Mom by watching what I say to her, so I don't end up hurting her with my words. Also I can try to understand her more about her ways of trying to protect me (she is usually strict about what I do.) Now I know even with her being a mother, she has a mothering personality type also.

Part two:

My MBTI personality is ISTJ (28% introvert, 6% sensing, 9% thinking, 22% judging).

How have I grown over the years? There are many different areas in which people can grow and improve themselves. One of the areas that I have grown in is my confidence. I remember in pre-school being the fastest girl and also being one of the fastest out of the boys. You would think that that would boost my confidence, by using the social comparison theory. It did at first, then the boys got jealous. I am predicting that once they saw that I was faster they immediately stereotyped me as being a "girl." Meaning that they, being boys had to be faster than a girl. After that they didn't want to play with me, thinking of the possibility that I could beat them. The next step that they took was to pick on me. At recess they would throw balls at me, or try to trip me. Picking on me helped boost their own self-esteem, without realizing it lowered mine. The same thing happened in elementary school. From past experiences I learned to not hangout with boys. That's exactly what I did in middle school. I made friends with girls, which was better for me and my confidence. Another thing that helped me with my confidence was soccer. It opened up doors for me to meet new people, who had similar interests. Once I got to the premier level I knew that I had to work 110% to stay at that level. Being one of the lower skilled players my confidence was not where it should have been. I stayed quiet and never played my best knowing I could make a mistake. The thing that helped me get past my confidence problems was my coach, George Sing. He told me constantly to trust myself and that mistakes will happen but you learn from them. Once I fully understood that, it all clicked. I became more confident on and off the soccer field. A big part of who I am today are my parents. They have always been here for me. In school they always offer their help. They let me chose between ballet or soccer, both supportive of me choosing either one. In soccer they pushed me to be better, by signing me up for camps. Back when I still had confidence issues I never wanted to go to the camps knowing that I would not know anyone. I thought people would judge me. I tried things so they couldn't make me go, I tried crying or hiding. Anything not to go because I was so scared about what other people would be thinking about me. I did always end up going somehow, from going to those I became better and in a way helped my fear of being judged. Over time I started to ask myself what could be the worst that could happen. I have learned that people have opinions but being yourself will make you happier.

Is it nature or nurture? I believe that with supporting parents and living in a positive household, where I am today is from how I have been nurtured. Genes might have a tiny affect on who I am, but from life experiences like in the above question that without a doubt has made me who I am today. Where I live has allowed me to see he world differently with many cultures living in Seattle. All of the people that I have met and all of the experiences I have been through have shaped who I am and who I was.

How has my personality type affected how I have been treated and how has that affected how I treat other people? My personality type being an introvert has affected how I have been treated. I am usually shy around people, so if they say something rude or mean to me I have a hard time sticking up for myself. I have become better about that over the years. With my judging personality I would say it has affected how I treat people. When I judge before meeting someone then I get an idea of who they are, and if I don't like my prediction then I won't reach out to them or talk to them. You never know what people can be going through, so someone who might needed someone just to talk to didn't get my help, just me stereotyping them.

What are my strengths and weaknesses and how do I benefit from them or overcome the downsides of them? One of my strengths that I have found out by the social comparison theory (seeing how other people treat others) and by people telling me is that I am kind and thoughtful to others. I benefit from that because if I am kind and thoughtful to others, then (most of the time) they are kind and thoughtful back. A weakness that I have is that I imagine myself in situations before they (might) happen. Then from what I imagine is negative or I don't like what happened then I don't want to do it anymore. The downside of that is that I trick myself into thinking that I shouldn't go to whatever event or go do something, when the only way I will know is when I go. My other weakness is similar to the one o just described, which is that I stereotype people before I talk to them. Making myself think that I already know what they are going through. The downside is that I tell myself I shouldn't or should talk to the, based on what they look like. (I used to do this way more). Now in highschool I have a mindset that you never know what someone is going through until they personally tell you. I personally think this is a strength, but I do not become close to people easily. It takes time and a lot of trust for me to open up to people and be myself. Why I think this is a strength is so I can't get hurt easily from others. I am independent and don't rely on others to help me.

Two careers from the MBTI Packet- The careers packet for your personality says that ISTJ's are "logical assimilators." One of the careers that have been suggested for me from the packet is a Physical Therapist. Knowing what I am passionate about, which is athletics and being healthy and active. I believe I would enjoy helping people keep their body's feeling good, because that would help them stay active and enjoy life without pain. Another reason why I have condsidered physical therapy is because I love helping people, it makes me happier knowing that I am doing a positive thing is someone else's life. The next career that jumped out at me was a Real Estate Agent. My Mom is a realtor, so I know first hand many of the tasks/things you do. Ever since I was big enough to move my furniture, I have always moved my room around in every single possible way it could be arranged. I do it for fun to this very day. I know moving my room around doesn't exactly correlate with being a realtor, but it relates to being in houses and understanding the possibilities. My Mom and I once in awhile go out and tour houses. We have this game where I look at the house and she asks me what the listing price is. I would say I am not too shabby at that game. I know the basics of being a realtor, knowing those I believe that I would enjoy it and be decent at that job.

Who Am I? I am a 17 year old white female. Who was born into a middle class family that lives in Seattle, WA. I am athletic, genetics might have helped but I have worked for it. I am a shy person, as my personality type said I am an introvert. I am kind and thoughtful. I work hard but I tell myself I work hard even though in some situations I don't, I trick myself. I have grown up with my Mom and Dad who both have supported me through everything.

Who do I want to become? I want to become an even more confident person who in school can present without worrying about what others think and be able to raise my hand in class whenever I have thought that I want to share. I don't want to care about what other people think of me as much. I want to become more intelligent. I want to keep my education going, to lead me into finding a job (maybe one that was in the packet for your personality) that I would enjoy. I want to become a more considerate person to others. I also don't want to judge people or use prejudice as often. I want to become someone who uses their time wisely to be productive. I want to become someone who younger girls look up to. I want to be a good role model.

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