The Never Ending Week

As I look back on last week I realize that it was probably the most strenuous week when I comes to the amount of work I put into this class. Unknowingly, I planned to present my raid seven multimodal presentation in the same week that my sanctuary and raid five rhetorical analysis were due. As I progressed through the week I realized just how important persistence is when completing a large assignment. The use of metacognition became a rather large factor as well as I went through my assignments and altered the structure of the final product of each assignment.

The first assignment that I began to work on was my sanctuary and raid five rhetorical analysis. I talked about the sanctuary in my last journey log but the assignment didn’t end there. I had to keep my motivation up and complete my analysis. The sanctuary that I had to analyze was the sanctuary in which Freddy Krueger lived in. This part of this assignment was rather challenging because I had limited knowledge on who Freddy Krueger was and what he was actually about. Since I knew so little about the character I decided to do a little research and with the help of some friends I was able to determine what the sanctuary was and why it was so significant. Once I realized that it was the building that he died and in and where the people go in there dreams, I was able to fix the structure of my analysis to make it more informative and persuasive.

The second assignment, easily the most strenuous and mentally challenging, was my raid seven multimodal presentation. In this assignment I had to focus heavily on the details that laid within the flatiron building. I had stay as motivated as possible in order to complete my build in time for my presentation. The build became a bit boring due to the fact that most of the building was made of only a few materials and the fact that it was a skyscraper. Skyscrapers are obviously extremely tall so the build took quite a few hours because I had to keep going up and down. During this point of the build it took a lot of effort to stay interested in this project.

The next part of raid seven was the video. Reflecting back on this I realized how many times I had to alter what I was doing. I’m not very good at using Adobe Premier so I had to self-teach myself and then find a way to make my video four minutes long. I initially thought that this part of the video was going to be much easier than it turned out to actually be. I had my whole structure completed but I found it hard to talk about it for four minutes. I think that this area was a struggle for me because I am not very good a public speaking and even though my audio was recorded, it still falls in the same category.

Though I only wrote about this past week in this journey log, metacognition and persistence have come into play throughout the entire semester. Persistence was a main focal point with our villain. We first were assigned to pick a villain in the very beginning of the semester and now, with two weeks left, they are still a major aspect of our course work. This shows how persistence is relevant in both long-term and short term assignments. Metacognition has been a relevant aspect throughout the whole semester as well because in order to improve your work you have to be able to reflect on your own work and thinking process.


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