Borrow Basket a must-have for all classroom teachers & principals

I teach a reading group of high-ability 4th graders. We meet once or twice a week in different locations throughout our building depending on the activity we are doing that day; sometimes we meet in my office--other times we meet in an activity room, conference room, library, outside in the garden or any other available spot in the building. For 20 years, I have observed students coming to class and leaving needed materials in their desks, lockers or at home. For 20 years, I paused instruction and waited for students to locate their forgotten items or I have scurried to find the materials they want/need to be successful.

I don’t like wasting time.

Today I created a “Borrow Basket” and I will transport it with me to wherever our class is meeting.

I purchased this (cute!) wicker basket with a lid from Pier I for $23.96 (on sale).

I filled it with school supplies and items we might use in class. I put each item or group of items in a ziplock bag so if something loses a lid (like editing pens and highlighters) or happens to spill (like glue), it won’t damage the interior of the basket. It also helps students find the small items (like paperclips and rubber bands) quickly.

What's inside? I included a stapler, glue, crayons, small paperclips, highlighters, blank notecards, large paperclips, staple remover, masking tape, scotch tape, scissors, rubberbands, red (editing) pens, sticky notes in a variety of colors, ruler, quick-word book, erasers, correcting tape and a calculator.

I created some “rules” and attached them to the exterior of the “borrow basket.”

I laminated the rules and attached them to the wicker basket with a pretty ribbon.

At our first meeting in August, we’ll talk about the expectations for and use of the “borrow basket” so we can stop wasting time looking for supplies and use that time for learning instead!

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