Teen Suicide By thao, por

Teen suicide often happens when they feel like they're worthless and had nothing else to live for. Also, teens might had gone through a lot of depression or hardship than they'll start feel like they had nobody else and like they are alone and thinking that the only way out is being suicidal.

Many suicide attempts may be taking pills or hoping off high ground building to cause an instant death for them, so that the life they so called "miserable" will finally come to an end.

Most suicidal will try to hide it by trying to act like their everyday life, but really inside they are trying to be heard and be noticed.

Many suicidal just want people's help but often not seen or been noticed which could end up being deaths.

Women suicide are much greater than the men because of how women can be a lot more emotional and bullying happening to them cause of their clothes they wear or how they look. It does also happen to the men but often because of their size and clothes.


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