MDMA testing kits are the best way to see if whatever your about to take is safe or not. These testing kits are small and fit anywhere all you need is a tube and the drug then put a little bit of the liquid inside the tube you might need shake it a little and it will change colors then look at the chart that comes with the kit and that's how you'll notice what's really the drug.

Here's a documentary that shows how to use a MDMA testing kit

There's 3 types of of MDMA test kits. The first one is called Marquis and in that one if it has MDMA it'll change into a dark purple/black color. The second one is called Mecke this one turns into a green to black color when it has MDMA. Finally the last one is called Mandelin this turns dark blue to black.

Club drugs are group of psychoactive drugs. They act on the central nervous system system & can cause changes in the mood, awareness, & how you act. These drugs are often abuse by young adults at all-night dance parties, dance clubs & bars. They include ecstasy, special k,speed,&acid.

Abusing these drugs can cause serious health problems & sometimes death, there even more dangerous if you use them with alcohol but obvious everyone knows that.

This club is Called Frabic inSwitzerland. In September the club closed after two 18 year olds crossly died from taking drugs inside the club.

The improvement of having testing drugs companies lately there hasn't been deaths in the last 7 years

This is the drug testing building where they test anything you bring that you want to see if it's safe or not to take. It takes time to see the result because they use a perfisional machines. They give you warnings when the pill is like to strong. It's 1 to 1.3 mili grams per kilo grams body weight you get noticeable affects in this case it can take of a body weight of a young girl in 50 kilograms then your in the overdose range. To be able to get high you need 16 to 18 milligrams.

The government said" Drugs are illegal where there is scientific &a medical evidence that they are harmful to health & society." "While operation decisions are a matter for chief constables, the government expects the police to enforce the law"

These are the MDMA pills aka ecstasy. An estimate 2 million pills being smuggled into the US everyday 1/3 of students at universities like standford. MDMA/molly has become a popular drug choice.

There's been proved that women are the most to drug men and then end up stealing there money. Honestly you really got to be careful this could be a good example like to use the MDMA testing kit that so you can know if it's safe to drink your drink.

Here's an example of what happens

It's literally most common that the raves are most used drugs. They use to express their feelings and to have a great time. People don't really know how dangerous it is to take pills and not know how much grams it's in it. People have recently died cause of this.

This is a video that how bad it is to take these pills

If you really want to know how people react to MDMA here's a video of a guys reaction

I honestly prefer to have these MDMA testing kits anywhere really yes they might be hard to get or find but here's what I found where you can get one.

You really can't trust nobody on the drugs they give you it's better to be safe then sorry. They should have these testing kits where they mostly use drugs more.

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