English 2 Pre-AP Ms. Byrd's Class

We are beginning the year with poetry. Students have been introduced to Langston Hughes's "Theme for English B." I shared this poem as it relates to many of the themes of the class and ends with my teaching philosophy: We are a part of each others' lives and we learn from one another!

We are watching Dead Poets Society this week to learn: how poetry works in our lives, how learning is reciprocal, how our identities are shaped, how to know when to conform, and how to be a supportive, encouraging member of our community of learners.

If you would like to view the movie or re-watch it, Dead Poets is on Netflix. Or, make arrangements to borrow Byrd's DVD.

Once we finish the video, we will be having a class discussion over many topics. We will go deeper with symbolism, character development and motivations as well as the types of conflict. Then we will focus our attention to a few of the poems: "To the Virgins Make Most of Time," "O Captain! My Captain!," "O Me! O Life!," an excerpt of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream, and the original poem that Todd creates in class.

As we end this session with poetry, we will take those ideas of conflict, characterizations, and motivations to explore what this looks like in real life. We will listen to Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff: Season 6 - "The Melgars." This is a possible wrongful conviction case. We will will be listening and participating in class and online discussions. I will be sending home more information as we start next week.

The Melgars: Sandra (wife) with lawyers in the courtroom last year. Other photos are of Sandra, her husband, Jaime, and their daughter, Lizz.
The Melgars: On December 23, 2012, Jaime and Sandra Melgar were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary. The next day, family members discovered Jaime (Jim) Melgar murdered in a closet of his Harris County, TX home. Sandra was found in the bathroom closet w/ her hands bound tightly behind her back. She had no memory of the events and thought she must have suffered a seizure. Due to the odd circumstances of the crime, investigators quickly honed in on Sandy as the prime suspect. She was later tried and convicted for the murder and is currently serving 27 years in prison. In this season of Truth & Justice, we will take a closer look at the crime and subsequent investigation.

Information is from the website: TruthandJusticePod.com

Closing Notes

This class newsletter covers the first three weeks of school.

About Grades...as of this moment, Tuesday, August 28, the classes are all in different places. I am working on getting them in the same place; therefore, all classes will have four grades at the end of this week, and I will enter. After that, you can expect the minimum of two grades each week.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. The best way is to reach me is either via Remind or email.

Remind: Class Code -- @byrd2021 Email: FeliciaByrd@sheldonisd.com


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