Seven Ways to Describe Myself as a Professional... by jen Hernandez

What you Know- what do you have stored in your head? What are your favorite knowledge's/subjects or topics? Knowledge/ Fields of interest:

My favorite things to do is Clay/Art, Shopping, and Traveling. They are my favorite interest.

Kinds of people you prefer- the kind of people/ who do you prefer to work with? ( a few or a crowd, age, geographical location etc.)

Someone that can help me or show me who has experiences with things and once I know what i'm doing I will love to show others how to do it and so they will know how to take responsibility with their work.

What you can do- what is your favorite skill that can be used for successful work? What I can do and love to do: //

I like to help with any type of technology... if I can do it or just basic stuff.

My favorite traits:

I know that I'm that person that you can trust with anything that involvs with responsibilitys.

Working conditions-- (indoors/ outdoors, small company/ large company,organized environment, windows no window)

Like to work inside with windows and large company or small doesn't matter

Preferred salary/ Level of responsibility-(working by yourself, as a member of a team, supervising others, running the show) My preferred salary range:

By myself or with a member of a team...So they can do half of my work or work faster together.

Level of responsibility:

Get a higher responsibility but not to much.

Other rewards hoped for on the job:

Paying my flights or Paying me while I'm on vacations

Preferred Geographical Location-here or abroad (in another country),warm/ cold, north/south, east/west, urban/ rural. Where would you be happiest - and can do your best work? My preferred place to live:

Warm place because I love being in the nice warm weather not like here in NY that its cold and snowy etc..


Just go with the flow and I'm open to different possibility

Later/ Someday:

Any day doesn't matter

Goals/ Sense of Mission and Purpose- (My philosophy about life) a mission or purpose is a big idea about what you want to accomplish over your lifetime at work. (ex. I would like to help others, I would like to earn a lot of money, I would like to work with animals). In a paragraph (7 or 8 sentences) describe for us what you would like to accomplish over the course of your career.

I would like to help others with anything like stuff that i know or people helping me. I want money. I want to earn lots of money, so i can buy anything that i want or travel. I really don't have a dream job. But i do want to sell stuff and want people to love what they buy. I would also would like to have a website or a place of my own that i can sell clothes, sunglasses, shoes, etc… with my name as a brand. I guess that's a dream job.

Created By
Jennifer Hernandez


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