Corbett Prep VIRTUAL ART SHOW 2020

Global Perspectives in Art

Exploring the art of various cultures around the world is a window into understanding how art developed as a means of communication and insight throughout history. Our ability as humans to use art as a cultural reference that encourages tolerance of diversity depends on our willingness to converse openly between cultures. We are able, through an appreciation of the art of various countries and cultures, to realize where we are unique from others and where we have commonalities. Studying world art is a lens for us to discover the importance of embracing diverse perspectives, which results in a richness of artistic influences that we can share in our creative growth.

We have experienced this study of diversity in art through learning about many artists and many cultures. Using a range of traditional and contemporary techniques, styles, materials, and tools, our students have created a colorful and creative variety of artworks. We hope you enjoy viewing, with your child, our first Corbett Prep Virtual Art Show


Created with an image by Markus Spiske - "Paintings from my twelve year old nephew. Have a look: www.felixspiske.com"