Fifty Shades of Diverse Addressing Diversity and discrimination in Revlon

Diversity in makeup foundation is something all beauty companies should strive for. This means that any woman should feel welcomed when shopping for makeup foundation.

Revlon suggests that four shades of foundation is enough for darker individuals; meanwhile, lighter individuals have over ten shades to represent their skin tone.
Four shades is not enough! Makeup companies should not favor lighter women, but should fairly represent ALL women.

What is to be done about this problem? 

Ronald L. Perelman, chairman of board at Revlon, should collaborate with urban beauty companies to provide more shades for darker individuals and begin catering to all women.
With this collaboration, urban companies will already have the needed foundation shades and formulas to accommodate this new launch.

Pictures above are examples of multicultural beauty companies, and beauty launches focused on diversity (CoverGirl Queen).

This collaboration will be successful because of the new foundation shades it offers to women of color, and because of the collaboration's message of equality.
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Majesty Campbell


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