internet safety

WHAT IS THE INTERNET?.The internet is a fun place to talk to your friends, but when a stranger starts a conversation with you, you have to be careful.
When someone starts getting messages and death threats its not a fun place to be, people can take it personally and feel very hurt and sad. We all have to look out for each other . So in other words, be nice.
Make sure to keep your password to yourself because if someone finds out what it is they could see your personal information and steel your money and identity.
Snap chat is one of my favourite apps. Its a way of communicating with friends and family. You can also make funny faces with filters, Facetime friends and keep up to date with people in group chats.
If someone you dont know texts you, make sure you block the number and never give any personal information to them.
Make sure you keep all your social medias (Musically, Snap-Chat, Instagram etc) on private so know you wont get any messages ;)
Do click on adds that appear on you computer.If you do make sure not to give any information including your email address because they can now be able to hack into your account.
Dangers.They could send you inappropriate messages and if they say something mean to your friends they could think it was you and not talk to you.
Bye, I hope you enjoyed this and make sure to keep safe on the web!
Created By
Ella Clarke


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