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This work I did in shop was a project to make an animated GIF with a Neon Sign light effect, based on the previous work of another Neon Sign of Pizza Planet. We had full creative control in this project, and I decided to choose a Pokemon them for this, as I felt it would work interestingly well for this subject, so I brainstormed and concluded to do the main series' mascot, Pikachu on top of a sign that is labeled "Pokestop". It is not displayed in this image above, but in the GIF format, it is moved in a way for each light piece (Name and portions of the Pokemon.) to move one by one until it fully lighten up with bright colors, and animated the Pikachu moving its arm and down, along with them winking and opening and closing its mouth. I found this project to be enjoyable and fun to do with the creative freedom I had in this subject.
In this long project, we had to design a project for a kid's shampoo product. In this product we had to design a monster and advert for the item. This project took me a long amount of time to think of a way to make this into a finalized piece. After many drafts I was able to finally create the conclusion I had obtained. Overall, this project was an interesting and a good way to brainstorm our creative abilities and using all of the rules of graphic design.
In this project we had to make a design for the logo of "Cougar Corner". I found this project fun to draw and design overall. This was my first concluded design for the project, before we had to redesign.
In this project, we had to create a Poster on the topic Climate Change, which would later be put into the website "CoolScience" for the opportunity to be used on a bus. This project has nearly complete creative control as long as you followed the instructions in the paper we were given. This project took me a very long time to brainstorm and draw, but I still had an enjoyable experience to draw and develop.
In this project, we had to create a business card for an imaginary business labeled "Limpets Water Garden". I had to design many drafts of the main logo design, and then develop the main design for the card. This took me a long while to create as I had many conflicts for this projects, but I was satisfied with the conclusion I had concluded.
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