Art Portfolio Taylor Tran

My name is Taylor Tran. I am a student at Granada Hills Charter High School and this is my art portfolio.

Adobe Photoshop:

Pictured above is my sandwich creation. This was my very first assignment using Adobe Photoshop. I learned how to use the quick selection tool and move tool in order to place multiple images on top of each other.
This is my piece depicting a battle between two sea monsters. During this project, I refined my skills with the quick selection tool and I learned how to use the motion blur. This image is a combination of multiple other images placed on top of each other.
This piece is called "Crab Soccer". The main task in this piece was the crab. There were lots of minor details on the crab like little hairs which we had to ultimately crop from a difficult background.
The courthouse seen above was originally in the day time so I had to remove the background and put the fireworks in. I also changed the color of the courthouse to give it more of a night time effect.
These 5 pictures were my photo restoration challenges using photoshop. I was able to try out several new tools like the spot-healing brush, the patch tool, the clone stamp tool, and the liquify filter to edit these pictures.
In this picture, we were given a blank mini van. We used the content aware scale to stretch the van and then personalize it. I was also given the freedom to download new fonts and brushes to use on the van.
This piece involved two pictures, the dog and the grass. I moved the dog onto the grass piece and used puppet warp to disorient the dog and added little touches to make the dog look active.
My personal favorite, the comic book involved lots of coloring on different layers. I also learned about gradients which change color. The dodge tool also helped to add texture and depth to the colors.
This project was very unique in the sense that there was a lot to be done with the house. We had give it a new shape, background, and color. We also used the liquify filter to add the fog.
Pictured above is my piece for our Surrealism Project. I tried to create a physical representation of the conscience and what goes on in the mind. My inspiration for this piece is Remedios Varo since his pieces have lots of inverse and peculiar features.
These images are part of the paint effects assignment. Basically, we would start off with a regular image, and then use different brush strokes with the art history brush to make the images look like paintings.

Adobe Illustrator:

These were my first time using the program Adobe Illustrator. I learned how to use the pen tool to create curves, lines, and other shapes. I also learned about strokes and fills.
This picture was our first major illustrator challenge. I used the pen tool to outline the word and then to add cool strokes and fill. Finally, I learned how to use the pathfinder window to get rid of overlapping layers like in letters "o" and "r".
This was another challenge on illustrator since the lines are not straight. I used new types of fill with splatter effects and gradients.
This logo also had lots of curved lines and overlapping segments.
Invader Zim was the first cartoon that I made using Adobe Illustrator. It was a challenge but I learned many new tools and tricks to complete the assignment.
Finally, I traced several characters from my favorite TV show, South Park. Making characters is so simple with a template and Adobe Illustrator.

Above is the presentation that my group made about an artist we selected, Paul Rand. Paul Rand was a famous logo designer and this presentation allowed us to learn about his life and his work.

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