My Passion? Positive world change--peace, prosperity, popsicles, pomp & pageantry, PLUS--pollinating "the indomitable power of love" to build economies in service to life. That's my passion. It's also my business. ENGAGE ME. Together We Will EMPOWER Your Brand, NURTURE YOUR COMMUNITY & POLLINATE the PLANET. INDULGE ME!

The DeniseLawrence.Com Story is All About You! Let Us Tell It Through Humanity's Love Story.


i am...

  • ...inspired to connect people their passions brands and talents to an elegant sometimes whimsical platform of beauty so they can efficiently make profound differences, more money and experience more joy and love.
  • ...developer & host of communities where creative smart kind dreamers, dream makers, deal makers & world changers show off;
  • a team member with peace forward people who mold cultural concepts products & services into solutions that solve real world issues for real people; showcased on a fun emerging platform.


as a community we are..

  • ...committed to sharing ideas and resources. We assist individuals, companies & causes reach their individual project goals from a single co-creative environment;
  • seamlessly merging fantasy into cultural touchstones that support and facilitate an agreed upon reality--ONE that works for everyone;
  • helping humanity make the next big step;
  • ...just like you--want the world to be a different place--a better place; a beautiful and balanced world that works for everyone.
  • ...aware that is is both a science and an art to transform into unified reality; with the vision, capacity and fortitude & blueprint to do it.
  • ...unquestionably some of the crazy ones that think we can co-create our places into the amusement adventure it's meant to be
  • ... aesthetic algorithms conductors.

"the world will make its next big step when basic needs of all are met"

what & how

With a developing suite of revenue aggregating engagement tools we refer to as touchstones...

We create brand awareness & loyalty through blended reality multi-media experiences that increase your reach and revenue while making significant social impact.

S.I.M.S Social Impact Management Solutions
intentional revenue generating social platform
Loyalty Club
3D Crowdfunding
Contests & Challenges
Global Reality Social Experiment Web Series
  • Apps that build teams that power their paradise.
  • And that's just the beginning...
All activities including shopping rewards users. Add your business now.

Herland Revisited one example of a social experiment challenge. The digital extensions of 12 million women engage followers in a quest that turns the world into a virtual amusement park. Their goal... Install popsicle portals and raise the popsicle index in their real life places--to make what's possible - probable!

This is one of my favorites and I hope it becomes yours too. It's the place that includes it all; the path, the peace, popsicles, the pomp & the pageantry. ;)


Get the attention you want & deserve. Engage Your Audience to Change The World.

why & where

To create a world that works for everyone, where anyone's general tasks can generate revenue; and individual brand messaging aggregates to make that happen.

Combining companies that complement each other is simply good business. Synergizing solutions for 360° triple bottom line yield with a fixed focus on peace recovery--that's concept alchemy. Good business employs concept alchemy to make the imagined real.

Happens Simultaneously at Chrysopoeia on Planet Concourse and in your very own home town!

It all begins with a Love story...

a place where we engage humanity's love story

a place we can better understand who we are.

a beautiful and balanced world that works for everyone.

Pandora's Paradise Club Members Have A Ticket To Paradise!

Immersive 3D Extension World & social networking community; weaving society, edutainment & kind-hearted commerce into an eco system where digital extensions (personalized avatars) are rewarded to virtually express their work, play, altruism & activism; through social experiment challenges & virtual reality events designed to address issues they care about that improve life in their real communities.

A Loyalty Club where brands, businesses, individuals and causes reward people interested in maximizing their time and money to change places and situations with their daily activities--like shopping, banking or playing.

Incentivized crowd-sourced game stories where people cast votes to fulfill projects for good.

  • Or register to replicate the community of you and your neighbors dreams. Discuss next steps for a more balanced world using your products or collaborate on developing a new one.
  • Your membership is your key for the home, retail, office or event space of your choice. Share your brand. Empower your community.
"Come Passion Your Commerce With Loyalty". Consumer Power Can Change The World


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