Six Word Philosophical Memoir Collage Maddie Berry Period 6

Think for yourself and experience nature.

Stop evil with an absolute leader.

Reject influence; find your own truths.

We must protect our natural rights.

Christians/people must stop being hypocrites.

Follow general will; teach using nature.

No monarchies; no proof for Bible.

Help others and always have faith.

These philosophers are very important to our lives today, which is why we still continue to study them. All of these men were influential to their time periods because they thought outside the box and came up with new ideas, even if they knew they wouldn't be very popular. Their ideas have helped to shape parts of our lives that we don't even realize, like politics and our educational system. For example, Locke championed the phrase "life, liberty, and property" which should sound familiar because a slightly different version of it is in the Declaration of Independence ("life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"). Therefore, it is very important to study these philosophers and their ideas to make sure we never lose sight of where our ideas and beliefs actually come from.

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