Perspective Drawing AAAARGH!

After some practice that reminded me why perspective drawing is not my favorite type of drawing...

Drawings - K. DeKay
I decided to revisit a drawing I started prior to this class. It is an observational drawing of a house in my old neighborhood. Although the drawing is awkward in spots, there were parts that I liked about it and therefore wanted to try to salvage it .

In order to keep the original as is (for fear of making it worse) I had the idea to try to fix it digitally. Having some experience in Adobe Photoshop, I decided to treat it like a photo manipulation project.

First, I scanned the original sketch - you can see the errors in the drawing. It reminds me somewhat of Dorothy's farmhouse AFTER it had been through the tornado in 'The Wizard of Oz'.
Original sketch, K. DeKay
From there I used the rectangle and polygonal selection tool to copy, paste and rotate certain areas (especially the windows) that gave the house the tilted look.

Here is a picture of some of the "parts and pieces" with the original sketch layer hidden (done so by clicking the eyeball next to the original sketch layer). The polygonal tool is the one selected in the left tool bar.

Photoshop CC - view of workspace

This took a few layers and a lot of adjustments by rotation and changing the opacity.

After clicking the box to make the original sketch visible again, the house began to straighten.
Photoshop CC - view of work space, K. DeKay
From this point I wanted to work on a hard copy again to begin adding some color. I found an image of the same style of home in the actual housing development that this drawing was done from (at a slightly different angle) and decided to use that as my reference picture.

Before moving on I needed to print my hard copy, which I did on a 9" x 12" piece of multimedia drawing paper.

I decided to add color with colored pencils, and a blending stick.
Work in progress...K.DeKay
This is what I ended up with. Final piece is 12"x 9" colored pencil, multimedia.
Final drawing, K. DeKay
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