Hi, my name is Johnny Apple Seed, and I am a blood cell. I will be telling you what I see when I travel through a humans body. The blood travels from the heart to the arteries, that is narrow into arterioles, and then narrow further still into capillaries.
After the tissue has been perfused, the capillaries widen to become venules, and then widen more to become veins, which return blood to the heart.
A capillary is a blood vessel. It does not have the muscular tissue of other blood vessels. It has a single called wall to help substances be transported to organisms. Capillaries are very small and smaller than any other blood vessels.
True capillaries mainly come from metarterioles, and provide movement between cells and the circulation. The width of UM forces the blood cells to partly fold into bullet like shapes in order to bypass them in single file.
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Jonathan Walden


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