Florida Museum of Natural History Maggie McQuiddy

Nature on Display
The exhibit that to me best represented nature on display was the butterfly garden. The design of this particular exhibit was such that the visitor felt as though he was outside on beautiful sunny day, and just happened to witness the exquisite display of nature that are the different types of butterfly. Seeing the butterflies go about their habits, from eating from grapefruits to resting peacefully on tree branches, as they would whether the observer was there or not provided a unique lesson.

Nature and Ethics

Seeing the displays of the bones of animals that are now extinct really put Leopold's words in a new light. We as humans must see ourselves as part of the "biotic community", and in doing so, realize that our actions are vital in preventing more extinctions. Because I attended the Florida Museum of Natural History with friends, I got to see them have a similar reaction and thought process. We all agreed that after our visit we were more aware of our ethical responsibility.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This mural, found on the walls inside the Florida Museum of Natural History, communicates the message that nature is something that brings together all of humanity. We all live in on this Earth and experience nature in some form. Outside of our everyday routine, we are all connected by nature. I thought it was interesting that we have also studied the role of community art, specifically murals, in this class and this was an opportunity to see the message and purpose of a mural in our own community.

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