We’re not 100% sure where this story is going yet but... we’re in Bangladesh!

We started with the tale of the Sun and the Wind having an argument. It is one of those stories that seems to appear in every country. We set the context using the above image.
We told the tale through Talk4Writing before trying our own version told from the point of view of a narrator taken from the photograph. We talked about the impact the Sun and Wind arguing would have on the farmer.
Using some resources from ActionAid, (they are great so I feel no shame in having pinched them!) we introduced a new character, her name was Shumona and we introduced her as the farmers daughter. We looked at some statements about her life and how her life would be different to ours.

Using some images of life in what we thought might be a typical village in Bangladesh, we tried some short dramas (we enforced a ten second limit) to give a snap shot about life there.

We tried another story taken from a book of Bengali folktales as an aside to our village story. The story centred around Dukhu and Sukhu and in another tale found across the world. Think Cinderella... I have plans to incorporate this in our village mantle tale!

Wondering how to provide a reason for centering ourselves in Bangladesh, we watched a clip from the CBBies show, “Where in the World”. This has given us two things ... the first is that our team will be documentary makers. The second was the chance to look at the different career opportunities involved in working for a T.V. Company which makes factual programmes. Hopefully, looking at these different opportunities will help drive both our story and our learning... As the research department, our first task is to find out a bit about Bangladesh!