healthier the better YOUR HEALTH MATTERS

Mission- To make every one healthy

community rules

  1. Must exercise for at least 2 hours
  2. Must get 9 hours of sleep
  3. Each meal must follow the my plate guide lines
  4. Must take a complex carb pill every day
  5. Must take a protein pill every day
  6. must get a -A or better in school
  7. Must have at least 30% muscle
  8. Must Play a sport
  9. All snacks must be healthy
  10. each person must eat at least 2800 calories

we are located in san diago

a daily schedule would look like

  • 9 hours of sleep
  • my plate breakfeast
  • go to school
  • eat lunch
  • exercise
  • eat dinner
  • do homework
  • sleep

government - we have a committee decide the rules

if you are sick of people being lazy and being over weight come live here


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