16 Handles’ endless toppings outshine their flavors By: Carly kaplowitz '21

Pictures and captions by Carly Kaplowitz '21

Westport, Connecticut has many places to eat and things to do. But one thing that it can not supply is frozen yogurt. So, I decided to venture to 16 Handles located at 1300 Post Road Fairfield, Connecticut to satisfy my froyo craving.

When I walked inside, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people sitting and eating frozen yogurt even though it was the middle of fall. The employees were very nice, and eager to help.

16 Handles is a popular location for families and friends to come together to enjoy frozen yogurt. Photo credit

One thing that makes 16 Handles unique is that it always has 16 flavors that change seasonally. You can serve yourself with vegan, no sugar added, fat free flavors or premium flavors. While the options are not nearly as big as Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, they have a wide variety of toppings ranging anywhere from classic chocolate chips, to birthday cake bites and Trix cereal.

The frozen yogurt is self served and dispensed so you can add as much or as little as you want.

Deciding what to get was not an easy task. They had very unique and tempting flavors like “Seriously Cuckoo” made with cocoa puffs, or “Just Peachy” which is peach flavored frozen yogurt. However, I decided to go with my all time favorite, plain tart.

The next step to completing my masterpiece was to take it to the next level with toppings. I filled my cup with creamy and crunchy hazelnut spread, balanced it with some fresh strawberries, and then gave it some color with rainbow sprinkles- a favorite for many. These various textures added the “cherry on top” to the typical froyo flavor.

16 Handles has a wide variety of unique toppings, ranging from all different types of cereal to fruit.

The price of my froyo was shockingly inexpensive compared to other competitors. My giant cup rang in at just $4.40, but would increase depending on the amount of toppings and yogurt you added.

There are 3 size options for yogurt, one smoothie size or you can get your yogurt in a cone.

Although I had fun customizing my frozen yogurt, I do not believe it was anything special. The yogurt did not taste freshly made, practically freezer burned and was almost difficult to eat. However, it was fun to create my own cup of yogurt, but the ability to serve yourself can cause portion sizes to get out of control and allow kids to get out of hand.

I got the classic tart with hazelnut crunch, strawberries and rainbow sprinkles

Granted that the yogurt was not out of this world, it does pose as the only froyo place for miles and has a fun atmosphere that would make me want to return. Overall, the unique toppings, decent yogurt, cheap prices and good energy gives 16 Handles a seven out of 10.


Carly Kaplowitz '21

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