Germany Takes Over Europe Better watch out

***Blitzkrieg: “Lighting War”; type of warfare Germany used***

***Massive attack using tanks, planes, soldiers, and paratroopers to overwhelm the enemy quickly***

Usually began at night

When taking over the Polish, Germans were using tanks and planes, the Poles were using rifles and horses

Think back to what we learned during World War One. How have weapons and technology changed in just 20 years?

We are now going to look at an animated PowerPoint which will show us how Germany began to take over Europe

Once I start the PowerPoint, label the following countries: Britain, Germany, France, Italy and the Soviet Union

Lightly shade in Germany and Italy

As the PowerPoint progresses, begin to shade in the countries that Germany and Italy take over

Use the flags to help guide you

***April 1940: Germany takes over Denmark and Norway***

***May 1940: Germany takes over Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg***

The first true test for the Germans now was France: Why?

Germany had attempted to conquer France during WW1 and were unsuccessful

During WWII, it took the Germans six weeks to conquer the French

***June 22, 1940: Hitler accepts the surrender of France***

Following the fall of France, the British are the only ones left standing in Western Europe

Because Great Britain was an island nation, Hitler didn’t want to send in troops, until British air force was defeated

***Called the Blitz***

***1940-41: Almost a year***

***Using over 2,500 planes, Germany began to bomb cities, airfields, factories, etc.***

***Goal is to bomb them until they are weak and hopefully get them to surrender***

Each night, the German Luftwaffe (air force) would send in hundreds of planes to bomb critical sites. Another goal was to terrorize the British citizens

Battle lasted less than a year. British win because of new technology. What was the new technology?

***British used guns and radar, a new invention, to detect where the German planes were coming in from and shoot them down.***

According to reports, Hitler was absolutely furious that so many German planes were being shot down. The Germans didn’t know about radar, so they didn’t know why their planes were being shot down

Angry Hitler

German planes pounded London, night after night. They would bomb anything in sight.

Londoners would retreat into the subway tunnels to escape the destruction

After less than a year, Hitler gives up on the campaign: Mistake in strategy???

Many think if Germany could have defeated UK, there is no way the Germans would have been stopped

Londoners refer to the heavy bombing they received for most of 1940-41 as “THE BLITZ”

Churchill, his wife and cabinet as well as all the people ‘running the war’ lived much of the time below ground, under an Whitehall office building not far from Buckingham Palace and the Parliament Building.

They used this space until the war was ended and then they turned off the lights locked the door and didn’t open it again for 30-40 years.

Door leading down, conference room and map room
Mrs Churchhill's Room, Sign showing what the weather was like up above, and Dining Room
Radio/Telegraph Room: Had a direct telegraph line with FDR

Questions? Comments? What did we learn from this newsreel?

We are now going to complete a document analysis over a Dr. Seuss cartoon which will explain what happened next in Europe. Go to Google Classroom and open up Dr Seuss Analysis

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