Frankenstein Nature is beautiful and restorative

"The colleges are ancient and picturesque[...] flows beside it through meadows of exquisite verdure.. is spread forth into a placid[..] I enjoyed this scene , and yet my enjoyment was embittered both by the memory of the past and the anticipation of the future." pg 202,203

This quote support this theme by tell us that the scene took him to a place that victor enjoyed and help make him feel better about what was going on in his life.

The weight upon my spirit was sensibly lightened as i plunged yet deeper in the ravine of Arre, The immense mountains and precipices that over hung me on every side , the sound of the river raging among the rocks[..] I creased to fear. p116,117

The sound and view of the mountain pulled him out the depression fear he felt. William was murdered by something he was having a hard time.

The sublime shapes of the mountains, the changes of the spheres the seasons , tempest and calm, the silences of winter land the life and turbulence of our alpine summers pg.44

The mountain and changing of the seasons made him became calm. He was still in fear of the monster.

The winter, however, was spirit cheerfully , and although the spring was uncommonly late, when it came its beauty compensated for its dilatoriness. p. 85

The winter was a hard time when spring came it made things better for victor.

When happy; inanimate nature had the power of bestowing on me the most delightful sensations. The present season was indeed divine p.87

The nature made an impact on him, when he was sad. It was very divining.


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