Jane Goodall is a primatologist (a animal scientist) who is well known for her studies on chimpanzees and monkeys


Jane Goodall was born on the third of April 1934.

Jane showed her love of animals in a young age

When she was 4 her parents reported her missing but she was discovered hours later in their henhouse she explained to her parents that she was watching the hens to see how they laid their eggs. In 1957, a family friend invited Jane to visit her in Africa.


Jane Goodall started her scientific work after being hired as a secretary for an archaeologist called louis leaky

In 1977 she made the jane goodall institute a group that keeps animals and their habitats safe and in 2002 she became a united nation messenger of peace.

Jane goodall was given a toy chimpanzee when she was a toddler and that toy is still living with her.


Jane has written approximately 37 books

this is a list of her books

1:In the shadow of man, written in 1971

2:Seeds of hope:wisdom and wonder from the world of plants, written in 2013

3:My life with the chimpanzees, written in 1988

4:Reason for hope,written in 1999

5:Harvest for hope:a guide to mindful eating, written in 2005

6:Through a window, written in 1990

7:Hope for animals and their world, written in 2009

8:The chimpanzees of Gombe, written in 1986

9:Africa in my blood, written in 2000

10:The ten trusts:what we must do to care for the animals we have, written in 2001

11:The chimpanzees i love:saving their world and ours, written in 2001

12:Beyond innocence an autobiography in letters:the later years,written in 2001

13:Innocent killers, written in 1970

14:A prayer for world peace, written in 2015

15:Grub the bush baby, written in 1970

16:Chimpanzee children of Gombe, written in 2014

17:The eagle and the wren, written in 2014

18:The chimpanzee family book, written in 1989

19:Visions of Caliban, written in 1993

20:Rickie and Henri: a true story, written in 2004

21:Next of kin, written in 1997

22:Understanding chimpanzees, written in 1989

23:Brutal kinship, written in 1999

24:Performance and evolution in the age of Darwin, written in 2002

25:The chimpanzee:The living link between man and beast, written in 1992

26:Dr. white, written in 1999

27:On this ear, a shadow falls, written in 2012

28:Doctor white, written in 2014

29:Frankenstein's science,written in 2008

30:Sacred commerce: a conversation on environment,ethics,and innovation,written in 2014

31:Elephant family, written in 1991

32:Giraffe family, written in 1991

33:Lion family, written in 1991

34:Zebra family, written in 1991

35:Beyond innocence:12 preprack display, written in 2001

36:Hyena family, written in 1991

37:Baboon family, written in 1991


The chimpanzee
Frankenstein's science
The chimpanzees of Gombe
Chimpanzee children of Gombe
Innocent killers
On this ear, a shadow falls
Beyond innocence

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