WWII Propaganda

Propaganda /n/ information, especially of biased or a misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

After the devastating fall of Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war against Japan. Creating a frenzy everywhere. Building fear and animosity in the public-children, women, and men. It was the beginning of the drafting, school procedures, and the constant fear of...fear, honestly. It was also the beginning of the public's racial view of Japan.

These images' purpose were to "reassemble" a nation against the Japaneses. Viewing them as a cruel and animistic population of people. Creating a reason, a solution to defeated them. The start of the influence of racism.

These WWII posters prompted cultural and racial hatred towards a whole population of people. Disregarding the fact, we, Americans, views ourselves patriotic. A nation of only liberty and equality. But we're not our we? We are the bullies. We, Americans, are just as bad as the Japanese when they bombed the Pearl Harbor. We stooped down at their levels and became just like them. Animals.

Propaganda is a common tool of warfare. It changes the original perceptive of something to a new perceptive. Changing the human's mind psychologically. This form of weapon is driven by fear and exaggeration.

This reminded me of a group who openly displayed their hatred towards one specific group. They depicted them in magazines with large noses. This form of ugliness grew and grew out of control. Nothing would please them til they rounded them up and gassed them in ovens. Obviously I'm talking about Hitler. Maybe this form of comparison is too much and you might think it's unfair, but to me, war is war. There is no good guy. Once you engage in war you become like the enemy.

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