Charles Darwin The revolutioN of thought

Charles Darwin was born February 12, 1809 in shrewsbury England. Charles loved nature, in fact he spent most of his time in the family garden counting peony flowers. Then something bad hit the Darwins house, which made the Darwins fall apart Charles mom died when he was only eight so, Charles older brother and sisters had to pitch in and help take care of Charles and his little sister Catherine. After that, Charles was sent to live at school, he slept in an dormitory with a lot of other boys. Charles did not like it at all. Finally his dad pulled him out and put him in medical school. Charles did not like it either because medicine was just not for him. But he didn't want to disappoint his father so he kept taking more classes. Then he couldn't take it anymore and he finally confessed to his dad. His dad was mad! Then after that, Charles went on a trip around the world with Captain FitzRoy on a ship called the HMS Beagle then Captain FitzRoy gave him a book, Charles read it and it said that god did not create the world in 6 days volcanoes and nature and even people created the world. Just think you walk on the world everyday and so does animals. Even volcanoes erupt and change the world!

Then that was the end of the trip for Charles then three days later Charles returned home. His family was glad to see him. He decided to make his diary into a book. He also spent a lot of time organizing his finds so that he could give them away to museums. Finally, Charles became a scientist and studied a lot.

He wondered if the fossils he found were actually from an armadillo. He didn't know but he knew he had to find out. So he study it and wrote and he read he had so many questions! He even talked to people who knew about animals!



So Charles had part of the answer from reading about the population of people and he understood that animals became extinct. He kept working to make his argument bigger and believable. Before that, Charles got married and his wife gave them ten children but three of them died during their childhood. And including the oldest and his favorite Anne Elizabeth. Charles wasn't sure if he also wanted to publish the book he was making full of ideas of the animal he found. Finally he told his scientist friends what he was working on so he made it fair and gave some credit to Alfred Wallace who helped him. Then his son died and Charles was sad. Then he made a decision and he finally finished his book by 1859. Then in 1859 Charles published his book.


Charles knew there was going to be a science revolution. In 1860, there was a big meeting called but Charles was sick and could not make it. Of course there was another argument. Then Charles wrote another book and he published it in 1871. Then Charles became ill but kept doing his work. He then published his last book in 1881.

Charles became sick


Because Charles became ill, it became stronger and he died April 19, 1882. He was 73 years old. Charles was a great scientist and got a lot of things right, he was also a great man and believed things that people did not back then.


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