H.A.L.T Are you hungry, angry, lonely, thirsty or tired? Scroll down for a reminder to check in with yourself and honour your needs.

We invite you now to take a breath. Feel the cool air enter your nose and throat. Feel your chest and belly expand and contract. Check in with your senses. What 5 sounds do you hear around you right now? What 5 things do you see around you that you like? Take a moment and touch 5 different surfaces or textures. Label the sensation – soft, rough, warm, cold …. What about scents? What can you smell right now? Move your body to adjust your comfort in the chair. Are you hungry, thirsty, really tired or needing to use the bathroom?

Take some time to check in with yourself and take care of these physiological needs that affect our mood. When we are tired and hungry we are more vulnerable to stress. You may want to go for a walk around the block, get a snack and a glass of water, or take a quick nap to rest your eyes.

Created By
Bridges For Women


Created with an image by Anchor Lee - "Anna’s Hummingbird, by Anchor Lee"