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What is Media Inside Out?

Media Inside Out is a television talk show that explores the media we love to watch, listen to, read and play with an analytical and critical approach. Media Inside Out approaches media with an appreciation for its potential as entertainment, and even as an educational tool, but balances that with an understanding of its impact and influence. Each episode digs deep into a specific media theme or media property. The series is produced and hosted by Sherri Hope Culver, associate professor and director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy. Program segments and information are conveyed in an entertaining, playful manner. The show explores, reveals, clarifies, and ultimately helps the audience appreciate the power of the media in their lives and their relationship with that media. Media Inside Out promotes creative and intellectual dialogue while encouraging viewers to analyze their own media habits.

Media Inside Out airs on TUTV Wednesdays at 12:30pm, Wednesdays at 8:30pm and Thursdays at 4:30am

Episode 44: "What do kids think about media?" with Dymir Evans, Solange Cantrell, Dutches Cooper, and Sherri Hope Culver

50+ Episodes.

117 Expert Guests.

50+ Timely Topics Discussed.

Host, Sherri Hope Culver, on Media Inside Out's "The Growth of Podcasting" Episode with guests jack klotz and sam cohn

Topics We've Covered:

  • Diversity in the Media
  • Mental Health Representation in the Media
  • Fake News
  • Election News Coverage
  • The Influence of TikTok
  • Colorism in the Media
  • Media's Influence on Empathy
  • The Influence of New Coverage in an Election
  • Advertising in Entertainment
  • How to Make Sense of the News
  • The Growth of Podcasting
  • What Do Kids Think About Media
  • Religion in Media
  • Government Regulations and the Media Industry
  • An Inside View of the Music Industry
  • Media and It's Influence on Play
  • Editing the News

Episode 46: "How to make sense of the news" with Linn Washington, Temple University and Pat Loeb, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Sherri Hope Culver

  • Celebrity Culture and Politics
  • Media and Early Childhood and Multilingual Education
  • Parenting in the Digital Age
  • Feminist Representation in the Media
  • Media's Influence on Empathy
  • How The Media Sensationalizes Tragedy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • History Communication
  • Mental Health Representations in The Media
  • The Digital Divide in Philadelphia
  • Media and Sustainability
  • Book Publishing in a New Media World
  • Superbowl Commercials
  • Fake News
  • Trends in Children's Media
  • Diversity in Media

Episode 39: "Celebrity culture and politics"

  • Trends in Youth Media
  • The National Media Literacy Movement
  • Educational Apps
  • Comic Book Movies
  • Representations of the "Other"
  • PhillyCam
  • Memes and the Phenomenon of the Viral Video
  • Use of Digital Content in Classrooms
  • Fan Fiction
  • Gamification
  • Media and Representation of Space
  • Libraries in the 21st Century
  • Political Advertising
  • Net Neutrality
  • Children's Media Conference Recap
  • Representations of Women and Girls in Media
  • Explicit Lyrics in Pop Music
  • The Digital Divide
  • Marketing Toys to Kids
  • Celebrity Culture
  • The Audience Shift from Consumer to Author

Episode 38: "Colorism" with Lori Tharps, podcast My American Melting Pot and Sherri Hope Culver

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