High plains region by 5B By Finley, Amelia F, and Sally

States: Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Average Winter in The high plains climate is below the freezing mark and the average snow in high plains usually is 60 in. The average precipitation 87in.

Summer temperatures get around the mid 80s and Kansas is known for being the sunflower state. The average precipitation is 3.82.

In fall, it is usually in between 30 °F and 56 °F with average precipitation, 3.03.

Spring high temperature is 35°F to 67°F and average precipitation is 3.54.

The average temperature in the high plains is 66°F
The tools climatologists use are: barometer, it measures air pressure, hygrometer is used to measure humidity, thermometer which measures temperature.
Below is the weather in Omaha, Nebraska
the seven day focast
Common storms in the high planes are tornadoes, droughts, dust bowls, and blizzards
Record highest and lowest climate
The most historic storm that ever happened in the High Plains was a tornado in Topeka, Kansas. It was one of the most damaging in Kansas history.

video filmed by Amelia F. in 5B


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