Rugby Sports Report Taylor Herren

*The game of Rugby can lead back all the way to the roman times, 2000 years ago. *Back then the game wasn't called rugby. It was simply known as "harpastum." *The time of 1823 is when the game of "Rugby," originated in... Rugby, England.

HOW TO PLAY: Point of the game is to score more points than the other team.

*Use the rugby ball by, kicking it, passing it, and running with it. *You cannot make the ball go forward if passing to the other person... must go backwards. *Rugby being the contact sport it is... you can tackle, but their are still rules following the tackling

SCORING: 3 Ways to score

*TRY: The ball must touch the other teams goal area, giving five points. *CONVERSION: After a "Try," this is when you kick the rugby ball into the goalpost, giving two points. *GOAL KICK: This can be either a penalty drop goal or a kick through the goal posts, giving three points.


*After flipping a coin on who decides whether they kick or attack first... the game starts from the middle of the halfway line, can either kick the ball or drop kick. *The ball must travel at least ten yards... if it doesn't it gives the opposing team an advantage. *The opposing team can either scrum, "restart the play," or just keep the game going and start at the halfway mark.


*Rugby is well known/ mostly known for the scrum. *When both teams are interlocked an pushing against each other while the ball is tossed under all of the players. *Another word for "scrum" is the "huddle."

PLAYERS: On the field and substitutions.

*ON THE FIELD: 15 Players on each team. *SUBSTITUTIONSL: It's best to have 8, but 7 is okay too. *POSITIONS: 8 people being "forwards," 7 people being "backwards."


*There are a lot of famous players in the rugby league, but the most well known guy is, Jonah Lomu, his net worth is 20 million dollars. he is the youngest all African American, at the age of 19years old. *Richie McCaw is another well known rugby athlete, he was the captain of his team and had a salary of $750,000. *Just like the other players, Dan Carter, is from New Zealand. His salary was 1,400,000 euros... in American dollars that is $2,077,580.


*Since Rugby is a full contact sport the players must have a mouth guard, upper body pads, cleats, rugby shorts and many more. *The upper body pads go underneath the players shirts, and must cover the collar bones and shoulders. *There is a thing called a "scrum" which helps the forward position players cover their ears.


*The ball is never to be in a forward motion... it can either go sideways or backwards.*If you do not have the ball you cannot be in front of the player with the ball running, that is considered off sides. * When kicking the ball it can go in any direction.


*William Webb was playing a game of soccer and caught the ball with his hand and ran with it, giving the idea of rugby. *The rugby ball used to be made from pig bladders.*rugby is known for its oval shape ball.


*June 4th, 1995 was when the highest scoring in the world cup for rugby happened, scoring up to 162 points. *"Trys" used to be worth nothing, instead it would give the player, who touched the ball to the opponents side, a chance to try and score. *Scotland and England were the teams to have the first international rugby match, Scotland won 1-0.


* . * . *


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