Google Slides has quickly become my go-to for a lot of different projects. I have created entire programs for conferences, books, flyers, and student projects using Slides. If you have ever found yourself frustrated while trying to format images or margins in docs or Word, you might want to give Google Slides a try.

If you plan to use Slides for more than just presentations, you will most likely need to know how to change the size of the slides. For example, if you want to make a flyer you will want to change the size of the of the slides to 8.5in x 11in - the size of a regular sheet of paper.

Open a new slides presentation.

Go to your Drive at drive.google.com and click the blue New button to open a new Slides presentation.

Once you've opened a new presentation, go to File > Page setup.

Change the size of the slides.

When the page setup box appears, click Widescreen 16:9.

Select Custom and enter the desired size of the slide. Be sure to select the appropriate unit, too (inches, centimeters, points, or pixels).

The slides will automatically resize. Now, you can add images, text, and more to the slides.

Once you are finished with the project, you can print it or save it. To print, go to File>Print settings and preview.

From this screen you can download the entire document as a PDF or print it immediately.


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