My Hero Gina Costa

This is what a hero to me is.
These are the traits of Gina Costa.

When they are compared the hero's web and Gina Costa's web are very similar. This shows some of the reasons why Gina Costa is my hero.

Gina Costa was told by her high school teachers that no college would ever accept her because of her mental disability. She worked really hard making sure that she always made honor roll and got good grades on her SATs. Her hard work paid off when she got into Louisville University.

She graduated from Louisville in 2008. She got a teaching credential and descided to teach children with learning and physical disabilities. She chose this because she didn't want other disabled children to have the same negative learning experience that she did.

This quote represents Gina Costa because even though she had a learning disability she persevered and made sure that she was part of the change that she wanted to see in the world which is the main reason why she is my hero.

To conclude, Gina Costa isn't your typical Superman kind of hero, but the struggles that she faced as a child and teenager as well as the differences she has made in these kids lives allows her to be on the top of my hero list even though she doesn't ware a cape.

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