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The Idea

Our technology, RMS Coach has been the go-to musical theatre rehearsal resource for over a decade. But we know people want to use it for material outside of what may already be prepared for it. And many of you are quite comfortable developing your own content.

The core functionality is beloved for many rehearsal contexts. Isolating parts. Speeding up. Slowing down. Transposing. Setting vamps. Adjusting relative volumes. Etc. Giving performers easy access to all this makes a huge difference in learning material. Wouldn't it be great to have it for an original musical - or one that isn't yet commercially available - or a choral concert?

How Is This Different From A Sequencer?

There's a lot of great software out there for creating or preparing music: Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand - to name a few. We love them, and in fact will encourage you to continue using them. The principle here is to create content with these powerful (and sometimes free) tools and then export them into RMS Coach. You can also collect MIDI files from others or from many online sources. Once this data is in RMS Coach, you - and more significantly your team - can access and manipulate the content on all major digital platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Chromebook

Who Is This For?

Primarily music educators. Some of you may have already used the technology through Music Theatre International or Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatricals branded versions of it (RehearScore and AccompanEase). Now you can broaden the use to include any vocal event - musicals, choral concerts, variety shows, even one-off pieces for a voice lesson - all for an unlimited amount of time.

Others who rehearse will also find it useful:

  • Community Theatre Music Directors
  • Church/Worship Choir Directors
  • Voice Teachers

How Much Does It Cost?

It doesn't cost anything to use locally on a single Mac or PC. We will charge you if and when you want to share with others to the full suite of devices (cast, choir, students - Chromebook, mobile, etc.) At that point, there is a modest subscription fee. Note: none of your team will have to pay anything. We only charge for uploading content, not downloading.

How Do I Get Started?

Download the latest version of RMS Coach from our web site. Run the trial version for any show. Once you're in the trial version, select menu File --> Build Original Show. The program will guide you through the rest.

Remember: there's no cost or restrictions to do this on your Mac or Windows machine. Give it a try! And let us know if we can help.