What are your 1st memories of getting off the bus your very 1st summer?

My first memory of getting off the bus my first summer back in 2010 was seeing how enthusiastic and excited everyone was to be back at their summer home. I had never witnessed something more exciting as a 9 year old than seeing Michael Davidowitz getting all of the Freshman A and B Boys pumped up for the best summer of their lives. The energy throughout the entire campus was uplifting and unforgettable.

What do you think is the prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate the beauty of Tyler Hill?

I would definitely have to say the top of the Boys’ Side Hill is the prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate THC. Here you can see a lot that is going on: divisions swimming in the pool, the Freshman Boys playing “Road Tennis” in front of their bunks, and seeing the waterski boats going around the lake.

What are 2 or 3 things you've learned about yourself over the course of your time at THC?

One thing I have learned about myself over the course of my THC career has been to just be myself each and every single day. Everyone I surrounded myself with during my years as a camper have become some of my best friends today and these people have given me the opportunity to show some of my true colors outside of the classroom and away from all of the stress back at home. THC has also taught me to never take anything for granted. The most recent years as a camper have been the best summers of my life and they just flew by instantly. I wish I can go back in time to my earlier summers to tell myself that these years are flashing right through my eyes and that I need to cherish each and every single day that I spend here at camp.

Has there been a counselor at THC that has really made an impact on you? Who and why?

Yes 100%. One of my favorite counselors of all time, Andrew “Ovie” Overholt, has made the most impact on my life. The first time Ovie was in my bunk was Sophomore summer in 2013. Ovie has been able to see my friends and I grow up into the CITs that we are today. He came back to camp this year unexpectedly after a break for a couple of years, which made all of our summers even better. He has shown me that when things do not go right in life, in the end, everything will work out. He has also taught me to stick to my roots and know what is right in life. I am very excited that Ovie will be spending another summer with us at Tyler Hill.

What's your single greatest memory at THC?

My single greatest memory of THC would have to be seeing a capital, bold “C” next to my name on blue paper when Brad Henderson broke out Color War this past year. Having the experience to be part of leading half of the camp to a Blue Victory was one that I will never forget.

What one piece of advice do you want to share with younger campers?

For the younger campers, I would highly advise them to try almost every activity that Tyler Hill has to offer. There is nowhere else on this Earth that has so many opportunities that Tyler Hill has. In the blink of your eyes, your THC experience will come to an end and you will wish that you tried so many of its activities like the hard rock wall or pedal karting all around camp.

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