Native American mascot debate Sophia Paez

I dont think that school should be allowed to use Native American mascots.

It shouldnt be allowed because it can cause problems because some oeople might start sauing things and Native Americans are the only mascosts we use. Acording to the article "inspiring that to respect and include everyone" this quote sopports my claim because we should include everyone and not just one. It also says respect and that supports my claim because we need to respect eachother and be equal.

Also people might be getting angry saying its not fair or if your going to have Natives as our mascots why not us, like why not others because some probably appriciate others and not Natives. In the text it says "you dont pick a macot that u domt respect." This supports my claim because its saying to pick a mascot that we respect and some dont respect Natives. It also supports my cliam becsue we need to pick a mascot we all agree on.

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