Design 1 Class projects portfolio

This was my first project based on the basic principles of design. The point of this project was to use the basic principles of design such as emphasis, variety, repetition, and symmetry. I used two images one in which I edited the colors, hue/saturation and cropped out shapes to add the second image of a spiral fan of an airplane. I also changed the hue/saturation of the fane to define the curves lines the fan has. My work was based on symmetry, variety, and repetition because I have several shapes, but they were also repeated. I used symmetry because this was a one photoshopped picture that became vertically flipped and added to the original photoshopped image to create symmetry. The image created a show stage look so I called this digital artwork, "Showtime."
This was my second project part 1 which is based on lines. This is an expressive line portrait of my niece, its a black and white transparency paper image of my baby niece and I scratched the picture using a calligraphy old fashioned pen. I used several types of lines such as curved lines, and cross-hatch in order to make a serious, geometric, and dramatic expression on her face. It's called, "Dramatic."
This is second project part 2 based on lines that create nonobjective art or lines. I used variety of lines such as curved, circular, and organic lines to stay away from lines such as triangular, squared in order to make it nonobjective, and most importantly organic. This artwork is called, "Variety"
This is the second project part 4 based on lines that create illusional depth which is called linear depth. This is a picture of stairs that I transformed and distorted to created an illusional depth that makes you feel like you're as if you were climbing if you look on the top side, but your falling down as you look on the bottom side of the image. This artwork is called, "Falling Down."
This is my third project based on finding and isolating shapes in a natural area or environment. This picture was taken in Italy, in an outside mall that has window ceiling and so the windows have metal which created shapes like squares and rectangles, and the full ceiling creates a curved rectangular shape and the edge of the cieling creates a curved circular shapes. Now the wall also has a variety of shapes because of the architectural designs and around the windows as well. The windows on create rectangle and square shapes. This digital artwork is called, "Shapes."
This is my third project part 2 based on finding several images that contain shapes and collaging the images and make it transparent and created a illusional depth. These are 3 pictures that were taken in Europe which contain many shapes. One image was from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. It is a gate with a background that contains side buildings with wooden blocked covers for the windows and a brick wall in the middle of the building which is where million of Jews were murdered. As I changed the hue/saturation and negative colors of the image, it defined the rectangular and squared shapes the gate and the wooden covers of the windows created. It also created a linear perspective depth because of the sided buildings. The second image was another building in the same concentration camp, I focused on the bricked wall because it created pattern squared shapes. I also changed the hue/saturation and negativity of the image. The third image was inside a church in Budapest, Hungary in St. Stephen's Cathedral and the circular dome ceiling created alot of circular, squared, and rectangular shapes from big to small which also created and linear perspective depth by changing the colors and negativity of the image. The final composition created and illusional depth but the gate made it seem like it wants to stop and block the viewer from entering and exploring into this illusional depth. It creates a strong message just like Jewish that were are locked in these gates. This digital transparent collage is called "Locked."
This is project 3 part 3 based on shapes that were turned into forms. I used an isometric grid on the computer and filled the colors one by one. At first the shapes were triangular shapes that became squares and later became cubes, and the cubes became long rectangular prisms turning into forms of digital filled lines creating chaotic crossovers and patterns. This digital artwork is called, "Digital Chaos."
This is project 3 part 4 based on accidents that cause shapes. This project is called elegant accident which are basically accident that in the end turned into beautiful art that has shapes. My accident was caused by milk that was poured into leftover cooked oil grease and balsamic oil vinegar which created a small chemical reaction such as the milking stopped expanding and became solid. I changed the hue/saturation of the image which helped define the shapes even more and made the image look like its toxic. This elegant digital artwork is called, "Toxic."
Vincent Van Gogh: The Cafe Terrace (Place): Arles, France (Time):1888 (Original Spatialization System): The lines of the orignal composition all point directly to the center of the work where a horse and carriage are found. So the image contains Denial because it has spatial illusion. Everything seems to be drawn like a vortex. (Original Spatialization Characteristic): It had open space using linear perspective because the was image was expanding at the end/bottom of the compostion. (New Spatiialization System): Used the same system, Denial as I used more modern people and buildings from small to big scales according to the linear perspective and space. New Spatialization System: I changed open space to packed space, now there are more people in the image, there's more movement, activity. It is modernied as it contains modern people on phones everywhere like tourism. I also changed the night background of the image to daylight and modern building. I used atmospeheric space by changning the atmosphere according to perspective space. Adding the modern building makes the viewer see more illusional depth. Meaning: The original image is calm and not turmoil as back in the days you could go to a cafe and eat in peace, now the new image is crowded with ignorant people who are mostly on their phones. There are musicians playing but noone is listening, people are just walking away or just passing by. Make the viewer feel annoyed with today's world or even alone, because no one is paying attention to the real world around more, but rather the virtual world in their phones. I call this new artwork, "Modern Day."
Project 5 - Self- Portrait Camoflouge. This project is about camoflouging a self portrait of myself. The image being taller, larger, and in rectangle position make it look abstract. It looks very saturated, it has an organic structure, almost chaotic/diverse because of the variety of colors and similar but different patterns.The image has quality of order but looks intense, the way the stuff was put together. The middle part of the image makes it look organic, usually when viewers go towards the middle part of the image, they look for something, like in this case a face, but it ended up being different, organic, and not a face. Seems like the self portrat erased itself through an excessive crowd of camoflouge, having the same person over and over again, but almost invisible. The way the image is positioned vertically makes the image look better than placed horizontally because then you would be able to kind see the face, and having place vertically makes the image look abstract. I call this artwork, "Chaotic."
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