3rd Grade @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

3rd Graders... Learning, Playing, Creating!

Chris' creation
By Caleigh
By Silas
By Allie
Planting seeds
Evan’s bird feeder
From Louis
From Emma

March 16-20

Carson’s tree cookie earth’s layers model
Carson’s nature walk
Carson’s nature photo
Is it one rock?...
... or is it 2 rocks?
Zooey’s laptop

February 24-28

Rhino Beetle
Titan Beetle
Green Darner Dragonfly
Luna Moth

February 17-21

Cougar Buddies Kindness Day activity with Senior Kindergarten
Karate chop massage train...
... and the second half of the train...
Miss Paula filled in as our dance teacher. She taught us the box step!
Future waltzers
Fraction pizza shop
Add fraction pieces to be the first to make a complete pizza!
Fractions Cut n' Paste
Working with equivalent fractions
Playing “Memory” with fraction cards
Equivalent fractions activity
Allie singing at the Talent Show
Cowgirl Parker
Singing Duo

February 10-14

Happy Valentine's Day!
Glazing our pieces for our class art project for CELEBRATE!

February 3-7

Working on our class art project for CELEBRATE WCDS!
Just some of our artistic catch!

January 27-31

Division stars!
More division stars!
Art class

January 20-24

Preparing newspapers for the animal shelter
A panoramic view of 3rd grade!
Contraction Bingo

January 13-17

FedEx Day!
Math: Fact Families

December 9-13

December 2-6

Open Mic performers

November 18-22

October 28-November 1

Happy Halloween!

Our WU friends with a lesson on Non-Fiction

October 21-25

Zoology projects:

October 14-18

Learning about arrays
Math work
We LOVE our grandparents!

October 7-11

Sharing our literature circle jobs...
...literature circle jobs, con’t...
Sharing our lit circle jobs outside!
... more sharing!
Partner reading “If You Made a Million”

September 30-October 4

Such attentive students!

September 23-27

Our new document camera helps us share how we solved math problems.
We have enjoyed listening to “George’s Marvelous Medicine.” We finished the book today. Ask your child to summarize the story for you!
Math notes and handwriting practice

September 16-20

Sept. 9-13


CLEANING CREW: Everyone helps clean and organize our classroom.


Sept 3-6

Aug 19-23

Yoga Focus

August 26-30