Innovate Niagara 2019 Year in Success

We help innovative entrepreneurs and companies start, grow and succeed!

These numbers represent the successes of Innovate Niagara and our clients in 2019!

PixelNAUTS Games releases space adventure game LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity

“We had an enormous reaction from fans of the tale of Harrison and his robot sidekick, so when we decided to create the definitive edition of the game, we wanted to add new levels and enhance the original game.” Alex Golebiowski, co-founder of PixelNauts.

Low-cost copper producers receive permanent residency through Canada’s start-up visa program

Destiny Resources was founded in 2014 to create copper at low cost, without using electricity. With the increasing demand for copper as the world shifts to more electrification, comes a need to produce copper in a responsible, clean and environmentally sound way. Destiny Resources is doing just that, and they chose to do it in Niagara.

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Stathletes: a Niagara tech success story

Stathletes currently tracks data in 22 leagues worldwide and sells data to a wide variety of clients, including the highest professional leagues like the National Hockey League (NHL). “We want to provide the best data in the world in the sport of hockey. We’re working on new developments that increase our data set and make it more accurate." Meghan Chayka, co-founder, Stathletes.

Innovate Niagara welcomes shipping calculation software company to tech incubator

Innovate Niagara has welcomed its newest portfolio company to its tech incubator: Intuitive Shipping. This tech company delivers shipping calculation software that gives Shopify merchants the ability to charge the right price for shipping their products at checkout. With Intuitive Shipping’s app, Shopify merchants have full control over how their shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout, giving them predictable profits in every transaction.

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