Man Decides To Leave Today's Society By: Nikayla haynes

Christopher Knight has recently been arrested after living in the forrest for 27 years. What sparked this thought for in Christopher had no back ground meaning. He wasn't trying run away from anyone, he wasn't mad at anything, he simply wanted a different life for himself. Knight had been taking random survival classes and decided it was time to pack up and leave. He had no one to tell nor did he want to tell anyone on this journey that he was about to embark on.

After leaving work one night he went home gathered up the bare minimals for survival and got in his car and drove away. After weeks which turned into months of driving up and down the Eastern and southern region of the United States he decided to drive past his home. Chris listened to podcasts, music, and audio during his trip.

Once, he finally decided to turn around and head back to his home land in Maine. He drove continuously up until he passed his parents house. After looking at his old home he kept wasting large amounts of gas while driving towards furthest part of Maine. Once he was finally deep enough into the forest and there was only a dirt road. He pulled over and tossed his keys, grabbed his tent supplies and carried on.

Knight disappeared for 27 years with no human contact, housing, and fast food. He hunted everything or break into people's lake houses. Chris became the ultimate locksmith by memorizing the schedules of the neighbors who lived throughout the neighborhood. He was never violent, never caused any harm the only thing hed take would be the bare minimal of food with some batteries for his flashlight. During March Christopher Knight was finally arrested and has a small sentence to wait out in jail.


Created with images by Jeena Paradies - "Forrest"

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