The Renaissance By: Noah Torres

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. It spark the Silk Road because of trade. The reason trade was the spark to the renaissance was because "Marco Polo, a traveler from Venice spent 20 years in Asia, Polo's description made many Europeans curious about Asia. As their curiosity grew, people began to demand good from Asia. Trade between Asia and Europe increased"(pg300) When the mongolstook over.


Medici FaMily

Greek Art

Rediscovering the past (greek and RomAN)

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance. Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance was because the artistic, the Greek, and the Roman valued balance and harmony. "Artist valued balance and harmony". Artists valued balance and harmony. It doesn't really say how they made balance and harmony, but I think they give balance and harmony because of their peaceful art and sculpting. In conclusion the artist of Greek and Roman gave peace and harmony, to the renaissance.

Greek Art/Ideas

Roman Art/ideas


Paper and print (john gUtenberg)

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RENAISSANCE writing (william shakEspearE)

Shakespeare reflected ideas of humanism by using it in his plays. In the texts it states , " Ever since, people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity." ( Holt 317) in his

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