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Hey, this is Anna, a teenage girl who was born in China. Beijing. I live in a small family, with my mom and dad, and I am the only child. As a high school student studying in EHSS, academic is sure the key, but does not blocks me from my own interest. I am passionate in exploring music, art and movies, and have an interest in traveling. Also, dogs are my favorite due to their overloaded cuteness and loyalty.

Entertainment: Music and Movies


You might have noticed that I always have two ear-bugs plugged in with phone holding in my hand almost every time when I walk. Yes, I am a huge fan of music, especially pop and the Billboard 100. I listen to these ear worms almost everyday, because I felt they are amazing entertainment to relax.

My favorite artists include the Chainsmokers, Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes.

However, I do not only listen to pop music, I also play an instrument myself: a cello. Cello makes deep, warm and powerful sound. Albeit I only started about one and a half year ago, I enjoy its uniqueness of sound. I chose to play cello because of a famous cellist: Yo Yo Ma. He was my inspiration of playing cello because of his amazing performances. I was amazed, and thus chose to play cello.


Movies are a major part of my LIFE, movie theater is a place I visit at least once or twice a month. My favorite genre is action, but I am also interested in animation movies. For the recent I enjoyed movies, X-men, transformers, and Big Hero 6. With movies as a major part of my entertainment, I pay close attentions to up coming movies and will likely not to miss any movies i am interested in.

My favorite movies include Inception, a 2010 mystery movie directed by Christopher Nolan and acted by Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is the movie poster of Inception. I watched this movie in 2012, and it soon became my favorite movie of all the ones I watched!

And my favorite animation movie is Big Hero 6, because I love its humor and cuteness. If you have seen my pencil case, you will see a image of Baymax shown on my pencil case!

This image is a movie scene from Big Hero 6, when Hiro (the boy) was flying with Baymax. This scene was an unforgettable scene, because it symbolized friendship, and love, while showing such a cute image of both main characters,

In Door: Reading

I also read various of books, mostly action/mysterious fiction novels, examples include the following: Hush Hush series, The Giver, Maze runner series and more. I love the beauty of literature, and passionate about different writing styles and stories. When I was a kid I got used too listening to different stories, thus I am very into book reading and discover more about the world of literature.

Out door:Travel

I have an interest in traveling. I love to explore different cultures, experience learning various languages and knowledge about the countries, and enjoy visiting famous attractions. In my own belief, a person has to go out and see the world in order to be more knowledgeable, because sometimes not everything will be told in a textbook.


July 28th, 2015 - August 18th, 2015

An unforgettable trip to Europe countries.

Milan Cathedral, a cathedral church of Milan, Italy.

Image above shows a picture I took of a famous attraction in Milan, Italy: Milan Cathedral church. Italy has a aged-old stunning history. I went to this church and was inspired. This church was built in 1386, which symbolizes amazing work down by Europeans in the past to show their catholic belief.

La Boutique Tintin, a Tin Tin store, located in Belgium. This store could be said to my reason of going to Belgium because Tin Tin was my childhood memory and I was a big fan of TinTin's collection,

This is a store who sells products of a famous comic collection: The adventure of Tin tin, written by a Belgium memorable author, Hergé. Tin tin stories meant a lot to me. I have read all the Tin Tin comic books when I was a kid, and I still have a full collection of books at my home for me to often read. When I was a kid, my dad introduced Tin Tin books and I fell in love with them. I was admired by Hergé's amazing drawing skills, his humour and imagination. My favorite part of Belgium was that I finally had a chance to visit this store - La Boutique Tintin. I purchased a stuffed toy of my favorite character Snowy, the dog and a few other Tin tin products.

Trip to Germany - My favorite Europe country. Why? Because of their soccer team!

I visited seven Europe countries during my trip, and Germany was my favorite. Although it does not has very famous attractions such as the Louvre museum in France, or the Coliseum in Italy. I enjoyed visiting Germany because of my curiosity on its culture, and especially, its soccer team!

Lyon, a lovely city in France, the place where I met my aunt and her husband.

This image shows my photos I took during my trip to Lyon. There, I met my aunt and her lovely husband, who taught me some French. We stayed at their home, and they took us to visit some interesting places in Lyon. Lyon was also a fun city in France. What I really gained from my Lyon trip is to finally be able to speak some French after I left!


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