How do dogs see? by: ella

Leaping , playing, fetching and running, these are the many things that dogs do. But how do they do it? Can they even see? This article will help you understand how dogs see and which breeds can see better, and if dogs can see better than humans.


Dogs can see clearly, but they have trouble judging how far away an object is. Human's field of vision is 190 degrees but dogs have a larger view. This is because dogs eyes are on the sides of their heads. Instead of humans who have eyes at the front of our heads. Dogs field of view is 250 degrees. This is quite large meaning that we have a shorter field of vision. It may also just be that dogs eyes are 20% farther apart from each other especially with the big nose they have. Do you know when a dog is winking at you? Well they're not really winking. It's just their binocular overlap. Some dogs such as labradors, and other guide dogs only have a 75 degrees binocular overlap but humans have 120 because we use both eyes all the time. Not all dogs have the same vision. For example, pugs or bull dogs, have a smaller vision field. But in general dogs see more than people. According to Amy D. Shojai she reports that “predators-dogs and cats-have eyes toward the front of their face that gives them depth perception.” This shows that dogs and cats binocular overlap is closer to the front of their heads than other animals.

Can I have a bone yet ?

What are dooggles or contacts for dogs? These are many of the things that people have invented for dogs . Because dogs are nearsighted , they can only see anything closer than 10 inches or it will be difficult for them to see. Have a german shepherd, rottweiler, schnauzer ever seemed too close ? This is their way of seeing things. These specific breeds can only see around 7-8 inches away so it is a little harder for them to see. Dogs are so sensitive that they can detect hand signals from a mile away even though they can’t see that far. This means that dogs are nearsighted and can’t see as well as other dogs but shows that dogs use many inventions to help them. If dogs could see better I wonder what they would see. This is important because it shows the difficult thing that dogs struggle with and what people do.

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There are so many colors that we can see. One thing dogs have in common is that they are color blind. They can only see two colors. So why is this? First, dogs have only two cone cells which limits them to red and green, the same as a color blind person would see. Second, the different structures of the eyes make a difference too. But why can some dogs see better than others. It depends on the cone cells and eye structure also their pupils. Do you know when you’re on your device it acts like sunlight so it keeps us up but when dogs see light they often try to find shade. This is because examination of the pupils shows that there’s is smaller which explains this. The reason why you find your dog lurking at night is because it has incredible night vision which shows why they don’t like the sun. According to UCSB Scienceline, “it has been thought for a long time that dogs are colorblind or can only see black and white, but recent research suggests that a dog's world is not all black and white.This shows that Dog were mainly looked at as colorblind and not the same as us. The structure of an eye means everything is an important thing . If dogs had no structure they probably wouldn’t have an eye. Dogs have very different eyes which explains why other dogs can see better.

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Remember: when you looked into your dog's eyes, what did you think? Well, I thought about this for awhile. I started to think; do they see like us? Can dogs see better than humans? If they can see then what colors do they see? These questions you may have wondered too. Dogs have a lot of things in common with us besides our eye structure.


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