#WoofWednesdays Gus's Adoption Success Story

Dog found by public in Loyalton, dropped off by Sierra County Deputy Sanchez. Finder cleaned up dog prior to Deputy Sanchez providing transport; dog described as looking "crummy." Finder believed there was some sort of mass on dog's abdomen. Staff unable to locate any mass besides genitals. Dog appears to be in normal condition.

Maybe it's because we love our dogs so much, we won't let them out of our sight. Or maybe it's because our dogs have such good lives, they have no reason to wander too far. Whatever the reason, we don't have very many stray dogs here in Truckee. So our Town of Truckee Animal Shelter also provides services for stray animals found in Eastern Placer County (including most of West Lake Tahoe) and Sierra County (encompassing Sierraville, Downieville and Loyalton).

Gus was one of those strays brought to the shelter from Sierra County. At just a few months old, it was hard to believe that no one was looking for this ball of fluff. After several days, no owner came forward to claim him, and he transferred over to HSTT to be made available for adoption. Valerie already had a plan.

She knew that if someone fostered him, they wouldn't be able to resist adopting him. So she made sure she was that person! She took him home for a week before his neuter surgery then made it official!

She had a niggling feeling that she'd been impulsive, that she wasn’t ready to have her own dog. But her roommates rallied together and raised him as a family. Gus happily joined the pack with Valerie's roommates' dogs Hudson and Milo. Gus quickly fell in love with his “brothers”, who taught him all the good and bad things to do as a dog. Valerie says that adopting Gus was the best decision she ever made.

Gus LOVES the snow, and snow seems to love him. A quick romp outside and Gus would return with icicles on his beard hair and a mat of snowballs blanketing his belly. They soon developed a routine to “defrost” Gus and his snow coat in the bath tub. Now Valerie makes pathways for him in the backyard when it snows because the snow is too deep for him to navigate his own way.

A haircut seemed to help, too. Valerie got him groomed twice, and then figured that she could just do it herself. And so began the journey of Gus's epic haircuts: mowhawks, Fu Manchu moustaches, chaps, with costumes and outfits to match. Gus is always a good sport, and puts up with the ordeal long enough to have his photo taken.

He has a massive head for his little body. He loves to stick that big head out the car window to catch the wind. He loves going for walks and hikes, and he prefers fetch in the hallway rather than the outside. He loves to play chase in the backyard, hang out in the hammock in the spring and summer, and cool his belly by laying on the tile floor.

Gus is a world class snuggler and a constant source of laughter.

He brought so much joy to my life. I love my beast!

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