Polar Bears by jewel dilay

My animal is a polar bear. They are color white and they are mammals. Male polar bears are about 10 feet and female ones are about 6-8 feet. The weight of male polar bears are about 1,000 pounds and the female polar bears weigh about 500 pounds. Some family members of a polar bear are the grizzly bear, giant panda bear, sun bear, and more. Polar bears are known as the great white hunter.

Polar bears are carnivores, which means they only eat meat. They mainly eat ringed seals but they also eat other things like lemmings, fishes, and the rich blubber of walruses. Polar bears have a very unusual eating habit. Their unusual eating habit is that when they hunt for food, they stand on two legs to smell the food easily.

Polar bears live in the coastal areas of the Arctic. They need white transparent fur to blend into their surroundings. The type of home they live in is in a den. Polar bears usually travel and live on their own.

Polar bears have transparent (white) fur to camouflage to their surroundings and to be able to hide under a pile of snow away from their predators/enemies. They have very large front feet to help them paddle easily and fast whenever they are swimming.

The enemies of polar bears are only humans. To protect themselves from their enemies, they use their claws to hold down prey for their powerful jaws to rend and they hide under a pile of snow to keep them safe and away from their enemy.

Here are some pictures of what polar bears eat.


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