Amber Giant panda

Giant Panda

In the forests of Southwest China, a place with long summers and short, freezing cold winters, you can find: Giant Panda.


Giant Pandas eat bamboos: they're omnivores;bamboo is not nutritious; Giant Pandas-white and black- spend 12 hours a day eating. A further fact is that their predators are bamboos, which are rough wood.Bamboos contains very little nutritional value so many Pandas have to eat 12-38kg everyday to meet their needs of energy.


Giant Pandas have thick hair: it keeps them warm; used for decoration and; Giant Pandas- cute and wild- have white and black fur. Giant Baby Pandas have an apperence of eyes as tiny and hairless closed eyes.Giant Pandas have a distinctive appearance.


Giant Pandas have babies.: for 4-8 yrs old; they be pregnant for 95-160 days.Adorable and smart, they can be pregnant only for 2-3 days in spring. Giant Pandas can reach sexual maturity at 5.5 to 6.5 years. Giant Pandas meeting season is in Spring between March and May.


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